Month: <span>September 2013</span>

The IFA consumer electronics fair kicks off in Berlin on Wednesday and will give geeks and technophiles the world over a chance to try out the gadgets and gizmos that will be taking the world by storm over the next 12 months.

So here are what are sure to be the top 5 gadgets on offer…


After announcing its decision to acquire Nokia’s phone business for more than $7billion, Microsoft explained the reasons for the buy out and fielded questions via a conference call – and it seems that the whole thing left investors cold.

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It may look like a Brasseye headline, but just days after missing a conference call with congress on the situation in Syria, US President Barack Obama made time to offer New Year’s greetings to the Jewish community in a conference call with almost 1,000 rabbis.


Sorting out the situation in Syria is among the main one priorities for a many of the world’s leaders at the minute and last week saw a high-level conference call between the White House and key congress members.