Month: March 2015

Imagine a world devoid of the daily commute, where the working day wasn’t bound by the nine-to-five, and office politics were a thing of the past – imagine a world where you could work from home.

Now imagine if the reality wasn’t quite the carefree employment existence you’d imagined – the commute has been replaced with a lie-in, the working day stretches well into the evening, an the office politics are replaced by the distraction of daytime TV.

You see, not everyone can cut it when working from home, it can take a lot of drive and discipline that you just don’t need when working in an office.

So before you hand in that remote working request, work out whether you can actually cope with working from home…

Flexible working Work from home

Google is going to kill us all one day!

While, there’s no doubting the tech boom we’ve seen since the turn of the millennium has made our lives easier and more enjoyable – where would we be without superfast broadband and smartphones? – that’s only half the story, as there are some crazy inventors out there (at Google, mostly) coming up with some quite terrifying tech.

It’s like they’ve never seen Terminator or even heard any apocalyptic sci-fi stories.

Be afraid, be very afraid…


Working from home has never been more popular – at the last count the number of people working remotely was some 4million and rising – and while evidence suggest remote workers are happier and more productive than their office-based contemporaries, we reckon it’s all about getting the balance right.

That’s because even if individual workers are more productive when working from home, the importance of idea generation among colleagues who work and share the same space each should never be underestimated.

Work from home

HTC is releasing a virtual reality headset – HTC Vive – that will be paired with wireless controllers and tracking technology to give users an authentic surround sound technology.

So will this open up binaural recording playback for the consumer market?