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Google has announced it plans to change the way we use and get charged for data when using wireless devices by unveiling a new service that switches between mobile data and Wi-Fi.


Liechtenstein is a haven for UK-based tax dodgers – although HMRC is working hard to put a stop to the practice via a tax disclosure ‘opportunity’ that enables anyone who confesses to hiding money in the tax haven will only have to pay 10% of the tax owed.

In addition to the 10% penalty though, people will still have to pay tax, plus interest, going back as far as the last 10 years, so the final tax bill could still be hefty even though the 10% penalty limit sounds generous.

Since the scheme began more than 2,400 people have come forward to pay an extra £363 million in tax and penalties.

And HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) expects this figure to rise to £3bn by 2016, significantly more than the £1bn initially expected.

UK authorities estimate around 5,000 UK taxpayers have had money hidden in Liechtenstein – going back generations, in some cases – and co-operation between the UK and Liechtenstein authorities has now been strengthened by the signing, for the first time, of a formal double-taxation agreement between the two counties.

If you’ve business interests in Liechtenstein, you’ll want a low-cost and reliable teleconference, or conference call, provider – here’s how to quickly and easily set up a call between UK and Liechtenstein, using nothing more than a mobile or landline.

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Blue chip tech companies are no strangers to scrutiny from the European Commission (EC) – over the past couple of decades tech giants like Microsoft and Intel have had their business models challenged by Europe’s regulators, and now it looks like it’s finally Google’s turn to go under the microscope.

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You know that feeling when you accidentally send an email (possibly a wholly inappropriate one) to the wrong person?

Or when your inbox gets rammed because someone has included you in a pithy email thread that EVERYONE has ‘replied all’ to?

Or how about when someone leaves their automatic reply on long after they’ve come back to the office?

It’s frustrating isn’t it?