Month: September 2015

The average number of journeys taken in the UK fell to 921 last year – the lowest number since records began, according to the latest figures from the Department for Transport’s National Travel Survey.

Trips for shopping and commuting falling consistently since the mid-1990s and this year’s figure represents a drop of 16% on the number of trips taken in 1995.

The fall in the number of trips taken by car has fallen since the mid-2000s, in spite of the fact there’s been no change in the number of households with access to car.

So what’s happening on the roads?

Flexible working Work from home

If you’re an employer, you may be concerned that offering staff the chance to work from home could lead to a drop in productivity – but for many employees, the exact opposite is true and some feel the need to get away from the office to concentrate on their work.

A FlexJobs survey of over 2,600 employees found more than three-quarters (76%) of respondents get out of the office when they have to focus on important projects.

And of those who do prefer to work in the office, many would sooner work there out of the traditional nine-to-five office hours.

So is it time to end the nine-to-five?

Flexible working Work from home

Do you wake up each morning feeling like you could do with an extra hour or two before you’re ready to face the day ahead? Do you often hit the wall mid-afternoon? Do you struggle to switch off from the working day, or feel compelled to check social media last thing at night, first thing in the morning, or both?

Then it sounds like you could be suffering from technology addiction.

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