Month: <span>July 2016</span>

EU funding for tech projects appears to have been put on hold following the economic uncertainty caused by the Brexit vote and the subsequent change of government in the UK.

The Treasury insists no funding has been stopped though – so what’s going on?

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BlackBerry has launched its first ever touchscreen-only Android handset in what could be a last-ditch attempt to keep a hand in the smartphone market.

Last year saw the launch of the Priv, the first of its handsets to work on the Android operating system, but it failed to make an impact on a market dominated by Apple and Samsung – the SIM-only handset price of £569 didn’t help either.

So will the Dtek50 succeed where both the Priv and the Z10 failed?

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Arm Holdings – the biggest UK tech firm you may never have heard of – is getting sold to Softbank – the biggest Japanes tech firm you may never have heard of in a deal worth £24 billion.

So is this proof the UK tech industry is alive and well, or a cut price takeover following the sharp drop in the value of the pound?

The answer to that probably depends on which side of the fence you’re standing…

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More than 3 million of us are spending two or more hours on the daily commute – that’s almost three-quarters (72%) as many as this time ten years ago, according to research from the Trade Unions Congress (TUC).

And the number of commuters travelling a mind-numbing three or more hours a day has risen by three-quarters (75%) from 500,000 to 800,000 over the same period.

That’s  a lot of time to kill before the working day even starts – so unless you plan on always using the commute to catch up on some much-needed sleep, here’s how to make the most of your commute…

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As many as 10 million Android smartphones have been hit by a malware attack that generates fake clicks for adverts , while also installing apps to spy on browsing habits.

The majority of the attacks have happened on Android handsets in China, and it’s believed scam is pulling in around £200,000 a month for its creators.

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