Month: <span>November 2016</span>

Video conferencing has been thrust into the mainstream with apps like Skype and G+ Hangouts – no need for expensive VC equipment, just a smartphone and an internet connection does the trick these days.

The trouble is, it’s never quite that simple – internet connections vary, buffering or lagging can interrupt things, and video calling is a sure fire way to hammer your smartphone’s battery.

That’s why a simple, easy-to-use, and cost-effective conference call is the best bet.

But if all that can go wrong with a video conference, have you ever wondered what this would all look like during a face-to-face meeting?

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The good news for Apple fans is the tech giant is releasing three new MacBook Pros – though the fact that the biggest news surrounding the new laptops is that they’re losing the start-up chime and gaining an emoji button bar could suggest that there’s no big overhaul in the hardware at all.


The bad news is that the price of all it computers is going to rise by hundreds of pounds, even for existing models.

And it appears Brexit is a big reason behind the price hikes.

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