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Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – an Arabian peninsula upon which Dubai also sits – and is the second largest Arab economy after Saudi Arabia and 30th largest globally with the 18th highest GDP per capita (USD 44,200) rate.

Although in the middle of a very oil-rich part of the world, the UAE has diversified its economy away from oil, with almost three-quarters of its GDP now coming from non-oil sectors.

The UAE is the UK’s 12 largest global export market, and its largest civil export market in the Middle East, and there are over 5,000 British companies operating out the, including big names such as BAE Systems, BP, HSBC, Rolls Royce, and Shell, while 779 commercial agencies and 4,762 British brands have invested in the UAE.

The majority of the UAE population is made up of expatriates, with around 120,000 UK residents.

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Cyber crime is on the rise – recently released figures from both the police and the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have revealed the extent of the problem faced not just by the authorities, but anyone with an online presence.

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The average UK commuter spends one-hour-and thirty-eight minutes travelling to and  from work each day – 49 minutes there and the same back again – and is just another part of the working day for most of us.

The trouble is, the daily commute is not particularly good for your health – in fact, it could be killing you. Here are four things you may not have realised the journey to and from work is doing to your body…

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How would you feel about leaving the car at home and strapping yourself into a jetpack to tackle the daily commute?

It’s a scenario straight from science fiction, but one a Chinese tech firm is looking to make science fact in the not-too-distant future – so could the Martin Jetpack really change the face of commuting forever?

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