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Japanese tech giant, Softbank, is to plough more of its millions into UK tech – following last year’s acquisition of ARM Holdings, it’s now backing Improbable, a London-based virtual reality…

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If you’ve got a customer-facing business, an active presence on social media is a must, not least because it offers:

  • A great way to raise awareness of your brand, and build advocacy
  • An effective platform for promoting products and special offers
  • A way to interact with customers and resolve complaints.

Get it wrong though, and it can be disastrous for both your brand and your business – so here’s how to turn a social media complaint into a success story.

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The UK exported over £1.5 billion of goods and services to Chile in 2013, and is the country’s sixth largest foreign investor. And despite Chile  having a relatively small population – its 17.95 million inhabitants make it the sixth most populated country in South America – it is the UK’s second largest export destination on that continent.

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Unless you’ve (probably wisely) conducted your own media blackout in the run up to June’s general election, you’ll no doubt have heard Theresa May’s countless claims that what the UK needs right now is ‘strong and stable’ leadership – strong and stable leadership that she asserts only she and her party can provide.

And she’s right, the UK is in need of strong and stable leadership – no-one knows how Brexit will eventually play out, whether it will ultimately be good or bad for the UK, or what affect it will have on jobs, industry, and our everyday lives.

The snap general election means we don’t even know who’ll be running the country to lead those Brexit negotiations. And these factors, coupled some serious drum-banging and jingoism from politicians and citizens alike, means the UK is a divided nation.

So ‘strong and stable’ leadership is what’s needed, but it’s anyone’s guess which party can best provide it. And if you’re letting all the political posturing and Brexit bandwagoning affect your business decisions, you could be putting your company and its employees in jeopardy.

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