Month: July 2017

The government has announced it is to release £400 million worth of investment to boost high-speed broadband in the UK – and that’s expected to unlock a further £1 billion of private sector investment, making life infinitely easier for telecommuters and kick-starting a work from home revolution.

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The Dominican Republic is a Latin American success story, with an economy that has enjoyed steady growth since 2005, and in 2013 GDP grew by 4.1%, making it the ninth successive year of growth, higher than the Latin American average.

Tourism is the country’s leading foreign exchange earner although agriculture, construction and mining all play an important part in keeping the country ticking over.

And its strategic geographical location means its ports and airports offer easy access to the rest of the Caribbean, the US and Latin America.

So if you want to add the Caribbean island to your list of trade destinations, here’s all you need to know about exporting to Dominican Republic…

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