Month: <span>September 2017</span>

If you’re looking for a trading base for the Central and Eastern European (CEE) market, then Hungary could be the ideal location, as it’s located right in the very heart of the Carpathian basin. Hungary is the UK’s third largest export market in the CEE region – 1.9% of Hungary’s imports come from the UK, and bilateral trade in goods and services is worth around £1,849 million.

If you want to start trading  in the CEE region, here’s everything you need to know about exporting to Hungary…

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When you’re having a bad week, the daily commute only serves to the prolong the agony – the last thing you want at the end of each torturous day is a tortuous journey – but have you ever wondered just how long we all spend stuck behind the wheel, or sat on a packed train?

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