Month: April 2018

If you’ve ever started up a new business you’ll know how difficult a balancing act it is to stick to a budget while making sure you have all the tools disposal to make sure you can do your job the best you can – the dizzying amount of business tech available means you could quite easily blow all your money on any number of hands-free add-ons and pentium-powered peripheries.

So, if you’re just starting out, or you’re looking to upgrade your systems, here are our seven top business tech tips…

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Why do some people find starting a conference call so difficult?

It should like any other meeting or telephone call, a quick introduction before launching into the main topics up for discussion, but instead we have stilted greetings, multiple introductions and excruciating silences.

So if you’ve ever wondered how to start a conference call, the following set of dos and don’ts will help you out…

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Positioned in the middle of the European mainland and flanked by Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Italy, and the Adriatic Sea, Slovenia is the ideal gateway to doing business in south eastern European markets. Not one of Europe’s biggest markets, it is developing economically, and has about 20 British businesses operating from there, including Astrazeneca, Castrol, Shell and Unilever.

If you want to tap into this emerging market, and take advantage of its central location, here’s all you need to know about exporting to Slovenia.

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Brexit jargon-buster – from A to I is here

Brexit news seems to have been put on hold as the government deals with claims that its most senior officials may have jumped the gun in blaming Russia for the Salisbury poison attack, after UK experts claimed they can’t yet prove that the novichock nerve agent used actually came from Russia.

But Brexit is pushing on in the background, and it’s now just 51 weeks until the UK is set to leave the EU – so here is our second and final installment of our Brexit jargon-buster.

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