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GDPR – the new EU legislation on data protection – has been a bit of a nightmare for many businesses across the UK and beyond. There will have been great costs incurred by those businesses who have had to contact everyone on their database to try and convince them they can continue to use their data. And there may be an even higher price to pay for those businesses that have had to thoroughly wash their archived data, losing a significant amount of leads in the process.

But there’s also a concern that the new rules make catching hackers even more challenging.

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It’s just over three weeks until the World Cup kicks off in Russia – the hosts take on Saudi Arabia on Thursday, June 14 in the first Group A match – so this edition of everything you need to know is coming at you like a Cossack dance in a Russia World Cup Special.

And if you want to keep in touch with friends, colleagues, clients or fellow football fans forth duration of the tournament, you can use to speak to up to 100 other people simultaneously, using the local rate Russian dial-in number 499-7043569. If you’ve other business interests out in Russia, check out Exporting to Russia – everything you need to know.

Now read on for all you need to know about the upcoming World Cup, as well as some handy trivia from previous tournaments.

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It’s often said – not least within these pages – that working from home is a great way to take control of your work/life balance and can lead to greater productivity and better morale among workers.

However, new research has come to light that suggests home life could be more stressful than work life  – so could working from home actually be more stressful than life in the office?

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Spain is home to about 47 million people, around one million of which are British nationals, making it on of the biggest consumer markets in the EU, and a great opportunity for any British businesses looking to widen their net.

The country also has a growing economy, with householders experiencing an increased household disposable income after recent tax reform and record employment growth. This healthy outlook has led to the return of foreign investment – if you want to be part of it, here’s everything you need to know about exporting to Spain.

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Remember the old days of office work?

A 9 am-sharp start, trapped in a sectioned off workstation for the best part of day – save for the odd five minute conversation with colleagues here and there – before finally clocking off at 5pm.

Eight hours of mindless grind.

It’s not like that these days though, not only are people working from home on a more regular basis, they’re also sharing their work space with entirely different businesses.

So could co-working be an option for you and your business?

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