Month: June 2018

British businesses may have been dealt another huge Brexit blow with the news that the European Commission (EC) is advising businesses within the European Union (EU) to steer clear of using UK-made parts and components, because of a government decision to leave customs union.

Is this the EU looking to punish the UK? Or another legitimate problem that Brexiteers didn’t see coming or put down to scaremongering from Remainers*?

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If you’re in business and not using social media to promote your products you’re missing a trick – not only do platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram offer free, effective marketing tools, they also provide a great way to interact with customers in real time.

And, as anyone who knows social media knows, hashtags are a vital marketing tool – so here are the top 20 Twitter hashtags for business…

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The summer heatwave looks like it’s here to stay, and one would assume this has to be good for productivity – the longer, brighter, warmer days should make even the most chronic couch potato want to get up and out into the world.

But, in the world of work, this can bring its own problems – yes, everyone wants to get out of the house when the weather is good, but they don’t necessarily want to go and then spend a day locked away in the office instead. And so the summer sick note becomes a thing, when the number of staff turning in for work seems drop in direct correlation with the rise in temperature.

If this sounds like your workplace, your business is far from alone, as research commissioned by PMI Health Group, has found a third of businesses recorded an increase in the number of staff calling in sick as the summer heatwave gripped the UK.

And of those companies questioned as part of the study, over half (54%) reported that they do not operate flexible working hours that staff can take advantage of at short notice.

So, could these companies benefit from introducing more accessible working from home policies or would that mean they’re being dictated to by employees who are all to quick to call in sick.

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