Month: July 2018

After weeks of unbroken sunshine, the rain came back with a bang today – not the sort of thing anyone wants to wake up to on a Monday morning, particularly after a weekend of warm sunshine – so if  you have to travel to work, and can’t avoid the morning commute, there are a few things you need to do to stay safe on the roads in wet weather and worse.

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Global trade, and the UK’s ability to dictate its own terms to countries around the world, has become one of the potential positives of the Brexit campaign – once the UK leaves the EU it can, in theory, negotiate its own terms with every country it does business with.

The trouble is, if the UK doesn’t get a favourable deal with the EU, then this could affect trade with those countries right on its doorstep – but would that necessarily be such a bad thing? Or are we overplaying the importance of doing trade with our nearest neighbours?

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Mobile phones have evolved well beyond simple communication devices, and smartphones are becoming more and more like personal assistants, where we can manage all of our diary dates and personal finance matters – banking app technology means we can all manage our money with the swipe of the screen.

So, could your smartphone become your new bank?

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How much do you trust your smartphone? It might sound like a daft question, but just take a minute or two to think about the sheer volume of sensitive information your phone holds – from banking app logins to business messages and emails – and think how much damage could be done if this information fell into the wrong hands.

So, to help make sure your data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, here’s how to keep your smartphone secure.

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