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If you’ve got a split mobile phone contract – whereby you pay separately for the cost of your smartphone and the cost of your monthly mobile data, call, and text allowances – you could be overpaying to the tune of £69 a year.

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We’ve all be guilty of mutli-tasking while teleconferencing – whether it’s conference calling while on the commute, continuing to type up some notes, checking in on Facebook, or even taking a shower (no, really). It’s fair to assume that  no-one sits on a conference call without doing anything else.

But one woman in the US as just raised the bar when it comes to teleconference multitasking.

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The UK has been the  fifth largest investor in Bulgaria over the last decade, and this has seen bilateral trade between the two countries treble.

There are a number of UK companies successfully operating in Bulgaria to take advantage of its position at the crossroads of Europe, Turkey, the Middle East, Russia and he former Soviet republics.

Although there are plenty of daily, direct flights between the two countries, there are times when you’ll just want to touch base with colleagues or clients without having to make the trip out there.

And the easiest, most cost-effective way of doing this is to set up a teleconference or conference call – all you need is a landline or mobile phone.

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If you were in business around the turn of the millennium, you’ll no doubt have been spooked by talk of the Millennium Bug – you may even have taken steps to prevent the glitch from crippling your company’s IT systems.

Now someone is suggesting it was never really a problem – unsurprisingly, they’re using this theory to support their own about Brexit, and the doom-merchants are wrong on the impact of leaving the EU, just as the experts were wrong about the impact of the Millennium Bug.

So, did we really all overestimate the Millennium Bug?

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