Month: <span>February 2020</span>

Facial recognition technology has moved at such a pace that it seems to have gone from science fiction to science fact in no time at all – think how many of us open our phones and apps, and even pay for things, using nothing but our faces.

But while facial recognition technology is secure, it’s not infallible – but could vFace bring more secure facial recognition software to us all?

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The first Monday in February is said to be the biggest sick day of the year, as employees enjoy their first weekend of freedom after the relative constraints of Dry January – remember, if you’ve had one too many the night before you might still be over the drink drive limit the following¬† morning. If you’re in any doubt, you should work from home and conduct any meetings via conference call.

If you’re an employer, do you know how much sick days are costing your business each year?

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