Month: <span>December 2020</span>

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2020 has been a turbulent year for business owners, especially those who have had business insurance claims turned down because their business interruption policies didn’t cover them for the pandemic.

And it looks like 2021 will be just as turbulent, as the pandemic could lead to policy price hikes of as much as 800%.

Coronavirus Small business

It’s been more than four years since the referendum result and a full year since Boris Johnson rode to election victory on the promise of an ‘oven-ready deal’, but with two weeks left until the UK leaves the EU, there’s still no deal in  sight.

If Brexit is confusing you, our A-Z jargon-buster might help.


There are just two weeks to go until Christmas, which means 14 shopping days left, including Christmas Eve – even fewer if you’re you plan to shop online, as you’ll have to factor in extra time to process and deliver your order. Make sure you don’t miss the last postage dates.

If you’re shopping online, you’ll also have to factor in the added risk – although secure website and payment technology is always improving, hackers and fraudsters are always finding more devious ways to defraud people, and so online fraud is still a massive problem.

So, to help ensure you stay safe as you shop online at Christmas, Sainsbury’s Bank has produced this informative infographic…

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It’s something we all knew could happen and probably would happen, but it’s staggering to think that the UK is actually leaving the EU in a matter of weeks and there’s still no clarity on what’s actually going to happen when the transition period ends on January 1st.

One UK business magnate recommends that investors should carefully watch how things unfold – and not concentrate on the endgame – before making any moves in the market.

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