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Winter is on the way, which means the office thermostat will be whacked in an attempt to keep temperatures near-tropical as staff going about their work – and when the thermostat rises, your business energy bills won’t be far behind.

So here are some top tips to to help keep utility bills down as the outside temperature drops…

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House prices in the UK have rocketed by an eye-watering 181% since the start of the millennium. Getting on the property ladder is now arguably tougher then ever, with prospective buyers now expected to stump up an average of £211,000 for their first home – almost three times than the amount needed back in 2000, when the average spend was £75,000.

Our expectations of what we look for in a property have also shifted in that time, and while things like off-road parking,  and a new kitchen or bathroom can all increase the value of a house, there’s another, less obvious factor that could push up the price of a property – a superfast broadband connection.

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It’s just over a year since the UK voted to leave the European Union (EU), and just over a few months since the government triggered Article 50 and start two years of negotiations to thrash out a deal for Britain’s exit.

It’s safe to say the whole affair has been something of a farce since the votes were counted, and while the leave vote was cast largely on NHS funding and immigration, the only thing that’s become clear since the vote is that these two issues will not be dealt with as promised.

And that means migration is still a hot-potato in British politics and among the electorate – those who oppose it insist it’s bad for the job prospects of British-born citizens, while those in favour insist it’s essential to grow a thriving and culturally diverse country.

So, is migration good or bad for the UK economy?

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You can do big things with a small team – as someone who has worked as part of a small team in every job I’ve ever done, and worked with some amazing people on some amazing projects, I confirm this to be true.

If you’re thinking of expanding you’re team, think carefully before you do and check out these 6 advantages of running a small team…

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If you’ve ever started up your own business, you’ll appreciate that one of the toughest decisions you have to make is what to call your new venture. A business name has to work in a number of ways – it has to be something that reflects your brand identity, says something about what you offer, and sets your business apart from the competition.

And getting this just right isn’t easy, especially when you consider there are 5.4 million SMEs currently trading in the UK, so the chances are that someone in your industry has already thought of the name you had in mind.

Vistaprint, the personalised business cards manufacturer, recently conducted a survey to see what makes a memorable business name – here’s what it found…

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