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3-D printing has the potential to be one of the biggest technological breakthroughs in modern times – forget wearbale tech, that’s small-time in comparison, 3-D printing will be up there with the driverless car as far as game changers go.

But what exactly is 3-D printing? And how will it help those who work from home? Let’s take a look…

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As of June 30 this year, all UK employees will have a legal right to request flexible working – including remote working, working from home, flexi-time and job sharing –  in what will be one of the biggest shake-ups in employment law the UK has ever seen.

Of course, asking for flexible working is one thing, getting it can be quite another, but this new legislation means your employer has to at least consider your proposal. So put a good enough case across – think reduced overheads, increased productivity – and you could be soon be flexible working and all the benefits it brings.

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If you regularly work from home you’ll appreciate that sometimes things can get a little lonely and combating that feeling of isolation can be a real challenge – once you’ve waved everyone on their way, the house can quickly become eerily and disconcertingly quiet.

Putting the radio on can help but there’s still that sense of separation from the rest of the working world, even if you regularly keep in touch with colleagues over the phone or via video call.

So if you suffer some form of work from home blues, an office pet could be the answer. Not convinced? Read on…

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So, how many of you enjoyed the relative pleasures of working from home today – it being National Work from Home Day and all?

If you did then you were in good company as figures released today by the Trade Union Congress (TUC) reveal more than 4million people now regularly work from home – a year-on-year rise of 62,000.

But some parts of the UK do more home-working than others…

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