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Conference calling can be an etiquette minefield – the lack of visual clues mean people can talk over each other, context can be lost and conversation can be stilted.

And then there’s the headache for home workers who could have a noisy pet or child in the background (or could be eating breakfast while on an early morning conference call).

That’s when the mute button can come in useful – the trick is knowing when and when not to use it…

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Offering employees flexible hours and the chance to work from home can not only cut overheads by as much as £6,000-a-year, but can also improve staff morale and productivity – so it’s no wonder more and more companies are looking at reaping the benefits of telecommuting.

And it seems all sectors are getting on board the work-from-home bandwagon as a recent study from FlexJobs, a company specialising in finding remote and flexible working opportunites, has found it’s no longer just everyday office workers who are offered telecommuting opportunities.

So here are 2014’s top work from home jobs, ordered by sector – there’s certainly something for everyone…

Flexible working Work from home

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Over half of us (58%) have received suspicious phone calls angling for sensitive data like bank details and last year the amount of money lost to phone scams tripled – with fraudsters cashing in to the tune of a staggering £23.9 million.

They are the alarming findings of a study from Financial Fraud Action UK (FFA UK), which represents banks, building societies and card companies – so what should you be on the lookout for?