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Last week we looked at how exercise can help with your work/life balance and now it’s time to come up with some top exercising tips for the home worker – after all, just because you work from home, it doesn’t mean you just get to the gym whenever you feel like.

If anything, there always something that gets in the way of giving your body a much-needed workout, be that unexpected deadlines, long commutes or overrun client meetings.

However, instead of getting out to the gym, it could be a good idea to bring the gym home – this can not only save on travel time but can also mean you can mix up your routine to include some fun exercises you might not feel confident enough to try in a public gym.

So here are our top exercise tips for the flexible worker…

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How are the New Year’s resolutions going now that we’re ten days into 2014? Studies have shown that January 10th is the day when most of us ditch the resolutions and slip back into bad habits – so if you’re willpower is feeling particularly low tomorrow, you’ll know why.

If you vowed to do more exercise this year though, there could be more than one reason to keep on keeping on with the fitness regime, as not only could it be the key to long term health, it could also help to keep your work/life balance in check.

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If reports from the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas are anything to go by then the gadget industry has decided that 2014 is going to be the year of wearable tech.

As we reported at the turn of the year in our Tech Trends for 2014, wearable tech is going to really hit the mainstream this year, bringing the world of science fiction into the world of science fact.


A futureologist at BT (yes, such a position actually exists, crystal ball skills a bonus) believes the office-based nine-to-five will soon become a thing of the past as we have now reached the point whereby those in “knowledge-based” professions can effectively do their jobs with little more than a computer, phone and internet connection.

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2013 was a great year for tech as some jaw-dropping innovations – such as Google Glass and 3D Printing – landed, while apps like Vine and Instagram exploded onto the social media scene.

So, what does 2014 have in store for us? Here are our predictions for this year’s tech trends…

Flexible working Technology