What is the iPhone 7?

Apple last night blew the lid on the iPhone 7 and revealed what the exact spec, price and release dates of its new smartphone would be – so here’s a full run down of what it will feature…

What’s new on the new iPhone?

The big changes on Apple’s new handset include an upgraded camera, a new home button and the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack – all of which we predicted in What can we expect from the Apple iPhone 7?

The 7 and 7 Plus will come in the same two sizes as the 6 and 6 Plus, and come in five different colours – check out the launch video for a quick look…

What’s the deal with the headphones?

The removal of the headphone jack is the one that turned the most heads, as it’s a pretty radical move – instead of the usual wired headphone connection, the new iPhone will come with earphones that fit into the Lightning Port, which is usually used for charging an data transfer.

This is annoying on two counts – you’ll not be able to use any standard headphones and will be tied into buying even more Apple products, and you won’t be able to charge the thing and use the headphones at the same time.

A good thing Apple has promised a longer lasting battery then.

You’ll also be able to get wireless AirPod earphones that have infrared sensors to detect when each pod is in your ear, and motion sensors control the headphones to detect your voice and use Siri.

All very hi-tech, but they look like the easiest things in the world to lose…


What’s the new camera about?

The camera has been given an overhaul so it can work better in low-light and take sharper pictures – the smaller 4.7-inch device has a f/1.8 lens that lets 50 per cent more light onto the lens, a new 12MP sensor that’s 60 per cent faster and 30 per cent more energy efficient.

The front camera has also been upgraded to 7MP from 5MP to so FaceTime and selfies are in higher definition.

Will it be waterproof?

Headphones aside, possibly the most radical difference between the 7 and its predecessors is that this new iteration is waterproof – it has an IPX67 rating, meaning it can be submersed in 1 metre of water for around half an hour and show no ill effects.

How much will the iPhone 7 cost?

The new iPhone 7 price will start at £599 for the 32GB model, rising to £699 for the 128GB, and a whopping £799 for the 256GB.

The 7 Plus will have an entry level price of £719 for 32GB, £819 for 128GB, and a genuinely eye-watering £919 for 256GB.

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