Month: <span>July 2020</span>

If you’ve ever tried to get a loan or credit card, you’ll be well aware the importance that your personal  credit score plays – if you’re after the best deals, you have to work hard to get your score up to the required level. But what about your business credit score?

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It’s been almost 18 months since we originally asked: Brexit – what’s next? Unfortunately, 18 months on, we’re still none the wiser.

Amazingly, the UK has actually left the EU – that happened on January 31, this year – and we’re now halfway through an 11-month transition period. But what does that mean? And what happens next?

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As the UK creeps out of lockdown, so more and more people are getting back to work – some going back to the office after weeks of working from home, others coming back after being away from work as part of the government’s furlough scheme.

And even more will be getting back to business in the coming weeks, as changes to the furlough scheme are set to kick in by September and business owners have been offered a £1,000 per-employee bonus for each staff member they bring back from furlough. Then there are the people who lost their job and are looking to get back into a new job.

But lockdown will have impacted each of us in different ways, especially if it’s been spent completely away from work. So it’s vital you get yourself set for returning.  Here’s how to get back to work…

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The coronavirus lockdown has revealed many things about they ways in which we work, while some have seamlessly adapted to the work from home life, others are struggling to cope without the day-to-day interactions of office-life.

And given that we all have to hold meetings remotely now, it’s also thrown up the following question – Why do some people find starting a conference call so difficult?

It should like any other meeting or telephone call, a quick introduction before launching into the main topics up for discussion, but instead we have stilted greetings, multiple introductions and excruciating silences.

So if you’ve ever wondered how to start a conference call, the following set of dos and don’ts will help you out…

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Rishi Sunak, the UK chancellor, has announced a series of measures to kickstart the economy by getting people back to work and back into shops and restaurants.

Here’s what he put forward in today’s announcement.

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