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Welcome to UK's simplest conference calling service! No contract. No monthly fees. No reservations.

To start, enter your email address to receive your free PIN. You'll receive your free PIN instantly to set up your conference call. Share this PIN and our dial-in number 0843 373 0843 (for landlines) and our shortcode 83000 (for mobiles) to the participants of your conference call. At the agreed time, all participants dial in and enter your PIN to join the conference call!

No contract. No monthly fees. No reservations. Up to 100 participants.
Dial-in numbers in 72 countries. Free Recording. Free Wallet Cards.
Free Outlook Plugin. Free Office 365 Plugin. Free Thunderbird Plugin.

Happy users

"The technology was really easy and someone who was fearful of using it found it very straight forward. I can see so many possibilities for using conference call with so many products/features I am planning."
NHS Wales

"I found excellent, the overall experience was 10 out of 10."
Smart Solutions

"I found the service very easy to use and had no problems"
University of Exeter

"It was easy to use, very clear instructions. No need to improve, very precise."
Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

"Our experience of your conference call service was very good. The login system was easy and the reception/clarity of the call was excellent."
Kerve Creative

"I thought it was excellent. Very easy to use, simple instructions, clear lines - overall highly recommended."
Cloud Nine Incentives

"Everything went very well. The quality was good and we will use it from now on on a frequent basis."

"Excellent! Complete Package!"

"It works well for us, as was one of the few that offered local numbers for Hong Kong and Singapore to call in on."
Prospect Resourcing

"Service was quick and very easy to use. Everyone was pleased with the service."
International Glaucoma Association

"Your conference call set up was extremely easy and very simple for all to use."
Paul Nulty Lighting Design

"Service was simple and easy to set up and worked perfectly."
Huntsmans Quarries

"Was great service, thanks!"
Nash Harvey LLP

"Good and we are most likely to use the conf call number again."
Courtland Swan

"My experience with was great - it was very fast and easy to set up and use and enabled me to involve callers from four different countries."
Independent contractor

"The conference call was a great success yesterday - very clear line - so we will definitely be using your service again."
Caroline Baker Ltd

"Happy with the service. Was expecting it to be more complicated than it was having used other services where the host has to dial in a different way."
Clear Marketing

"I think your conference call service is excellent."

"Excellent, easy to use, great service."
Brooks & Jeal

"Thanks so much for the service. It us a great facility, really easy to use and don’t recommend any changes ☺. Will definitely use it in the future ☺."
Researcher from the University of Northampton

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to reserve my conference calls?

No, you don't need to reserve your conference calls at all. You can start a conference call any moment of the day without letting us know!

What are the costs using this service?

You don't pay any fees to set up a conference call! Each participant is charged a small fee per minute through their regular phone bill. Access charges of your phone company may apply, please check with your provider. Click here for our rate list.

If you prefer to pay the costs for your invitees, please visit the website of our other conference call service

UK Dial-in numbers:
0843 373 0843 and 83000

We provide the cheapest conference call dial-in numbers in the UK! Are you in scheduling an international conference call? No provider is offering so many international numbers as we do! International participants dial one of our 72 international dial-in numbers.

Helpful Plugins Mozilla Thunderbird icon Microsoft Office 365 icon Microsoft Outlook icon

Download our free plugins for Outlook, Office 365 or Thunderbird to schedule your conference calls with just one click. Our plugins automatically checks for new dial-in numbers so your templates to invite participants are always up to date!