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Welcome to, the UK’s simplest and best conference call service - set up a reservationless conference call with no contract.

Register your free pin above. You’ll instantly receive your unique PIN, which you can then use to start a conference call.

To set up your call, just send your PIN to each of your participants, together with the dial-in number 0843 373 0843 + any overseas dial-in numbers (click here to see rates and dial-in numbers).

At the agreed time, participants just need to call the dial-in number and enter the PIN to join your conference call.

  • No contract.
  • No monthly fees.
  • Set up immediately.
  • Excellent sound quality.

1. Register

Request your pin code. You will receive this instantly.

2. Invite participants

Send all participants an invitation with the pin code, date/time and dial-in number(s).

3. Meetings

All participants call the dial-in number and enter your pin code after the welcome message.


More than 200,000 users
More than 30.000 conference calls every week
More than 400.000 participants every month
Dial-in numbers in more than 25 countries

Conference call Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to reserve the conference call?

No. is a reservationless conference call service. This means there’s no need to reserve your conference call as participants are automatically linked by our advanced system - you can start at any time of the day or night.

What are the dial-in numbers for the UK?

The dial-in number for the UK is 0843 373 0843 and is available 24/7. Overseas participants call one of our international dial-in numbers.

What are the conference call costs?

Our conference call service is free to set up, meaning you don’t pay any costs for setting up the conference call. Each participant pays a small amount per minute via their landline, business line or mobile phone bill: