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ConferenceCall host solution

We have developed a solution for customers that do not wish to have other participants pay service charges – a solution that retains all the advantages of our current service without annoying disadvantages such as invoicing and contracts.

How it works

You can use your PIN of Rather than use the dial-in numbers on our website, you can now use the dial-in numbers below. All the other functions and in-conference controls remain the same.
The Organiser uses the dial-in number 0911 690 0003 and pays the costs for all other participants. The participants dial one of the local dial-in numbers mentioned below.

Overview dial-in numbers

UK Organiser:

0911 690 0003* Service charge 20,83p per minute (ex VAT)

Participants in:

United Kingdom:033 3300 1430
Germany+49 (0)69 5660 8995
The Netherlands+31 (0)20 2022 920
Belgium+32 (0)2 891 9882
France+33 (0)1 7842 9423
United States:+1 646 813 7962

Participants calling the local dial-in numbers get charged the normal call cost from their provider. Within a (unlimited) bundle it will be free of charge. Participants from all other countries simply choose our or the local numbers (land code must be dialed). In this case international call charges apply.

*Access charges of your phone provider may apply, please check with your provider.
*When you are not sure whether you can call to a 0900 number, just make a test call of 30 seconds and you will know.