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Belgium has some strong trade links with the UK – dating back as far as the 1st century  – and around 8% of Belgium’s exports are to the UK, with around 5% of the country’s imports going in the other direction.

And although the country sits almost within touching distance of the South East of England, the stretch of water dividing the two countries means commuting between them isn’t the most straightforward of journeys.

So if you need to keep in touch with colleagues or clients in Belgium, why not try setting up a conference call? It’s cost-effective, convenient and requires nothing more than a landline or mobile phone.

Around the world Conference calling Guides & How-Tos

If you’ve business associates out in Australia, business trips aren’t currently an option as as Covid-19 restrictions mean we can’t travel out of the UK.

But keeping in touch could be tricky, even before the pandemic – flying out for a one-hour meeting has never been an option and video conferencing can rely on both parties having the right equipment and a decent internet connection.

There is, however, a simple and inexpensive way to connect with the land down under that requires nothing more than an ordinary telephone – so here’s how to quickly and easily set up a conference call between UK and Australia.

Around the world Conference calling Guides & How-Tos

A conference call to Argentina could be a great way to conduct business without the hassle and expense of travelling to South America. In fact, remote communication is currently the only way to keep in touch with overseas customers and clients, as Covid-19 restrictions mean we can’t travel out of the UK.

Here’s how to set up in international teleconference to Argentina, along with some essential advice if you do have to travel out there at any point.

Around the world Conference calling Guides & How-Tos

At, we want to make teleconferencing as easy as it can be. As part of our commitment to being the UK’s simplest conference call service, we introduced Wallet Card – a simple way to keep all your dial-in numbers, PIN and function keys to hand at all times.

And now we’ve gone one better by throwing NFC technology into the mix – and we’re the world’s first conference call provider to offer this service.

Conference calling Technology is the UK simplest teleconference provider – offering instant, 24/7 conference calling, with free reminders, free recording an no contract.

And now we’re offering free conference calls.

Here are all the free conference call numbers you need whether you’re dialing in the UK or around the world.

Conference calling Guides & How-Tos