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As a business owner, there’s no telling when an urgent matter will suddenly rear its head. Whether it’s a website going down or a delay to an important delivery, you’ll need staff to rally around to put things right.

But what if some key stakeholders are away from the office, maybe working from home? There’s no time to call everyone into the workplace. That’s where a conference call can help out.

Conference calling Small business is the UK’s simplest teleconference provider – offering instant, 24/7 conference calling for up to 100 participants. We also offer free call reminders as well as free recording and playback of calls.

All with no need to set up an account, book calls, or take out a contract with us. All you need to get started is a phone and an email address.

Here are all the conference call numbers you need whether you’re dialling in the UK or around the world.

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Conference calling News Small business Work from home

Here’s a stat for you – Spain’s investment in the UK is more than the whole of the Latin America’s combined, making Spain one of the largest investors in the UK.

There are 900 UK companies currently operating in Spain, with businesses like Tunstall and Primark increasing their investment, while Dealz-Poundland, Stella McCartney and Jo Malone are among new UK investors in Spain.

If you want to join the legion of ex-pats and invest in a Spanish business opportunity – or even if you have business interests out there already –  you’ll need an easy and cost-effective way to keep in touch – which is where a conference call comes in.

And here’s how you can arrange one for up to 100 participants using nothing more than a mobile or landline telephone…

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South Africa is a well established market, with a highly developed economic infrastructure, a strong services sector and  a growing economy. Although the country still has some major issues as far as unemployment, poverty and inequality are concerned, it still represents a promising market – total UK exports to South Africa amounted to £4.2 billion in the year ended June 2019.

But it is a fair distance away. This is why you need a reliable conference call provider on board.

Around the world Conference calling Guides & How-Tos

The Covid pandemic changed may well have changed the workplace forever – particularly office-base workplaces. With physical contact off-limits, many employees pivoted to working from home. This continued once lockdown restrictions and precautions ended, with many businesses now offering hybrid working as the norm.

This has meant more meetings are being held virtually, particularly via conference call or video call – but could the metaverse be about to change the landscape once more? One HR specialist thinks so.

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Around the world Conference calling Guides & How-Tos

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Around the world Conference calling Guides & How-Tos