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Have you ever wondered yourself how much time you waste in meetings each week? A new study has found that the average worker now spends 213 hours a year in meetings – that’s 26 working days.

If this sounds like an area of concern, maybe it’s time to consider whether those daily catch-up meetings are really worth the effort, or if those weekly stakeholder meetings are actually relevant enough for all stakeholders.

And if you’re dragging people in from all over the country for face-to-face meetings, it could be time to work out how much time and money you could save by getting everyone to dial into a conference call instead.

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Here at ConferenceCall.co.uk, we pride ourselves on being the UK’s best conference call service – calls to anywhere in the world, for up to 100 participants, can be set up quickly and easily, and our crystal clear sound quality and in-call controls mean no-one will miss a second of the meeting.

And if you have to take minutes, our in-call recording feature means you can go back through the entire call after its finished, to pick out key points and actions.

Find out why we’re the UK’s best conference call service.

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Ford has become the latest company to announce it will be closing one of its UK plants – in 2020, the car giant will be closing of its Bridgend plant after 40 years in service. This comes on the back of Honda’s decision to bail out of the UK, and countless other companies who are considering their position in the UK.

But are businesses really leaving the UK because of Brexit?

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How engaged are your employees? If your staff are kept motivated and challenged, either as part of the work itself or the culture your business is built upon, and feel valued, then there’s a good chance there will be high levels of employee engagement.

Similarly, if your product or service is something everyone believes in and can get behind, then it’s likely that engagement levels will be high and staff will work hard and pull in the same direction.

But what if employee engagement is low and staff appear to lack motivation? Here’s how to improve employee engagement.

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