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Brexit has been full of unexpected surprises, none of which have been any good. One of those Brexit bombshells involved roaming charges. But what are roaming charges, why do we pay them, and how is Brexit involved? Read on to find out.

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Scammers have been targeting small business owners through a variety of invoice scams in 2022, according to a new study from Barclays.

In the first three months of 2022, invoice scams have made up more than half (55%) of all claims, with an average loss of £2,100.  The amount that’s been stolen has gone up 13% year-on-year.

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The pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine have both pushed the climate crisis from the headlines over the lats couple of years. But the need to be more environmentally friendly is still a huge priority for all of us, both individually and collectively.

The trouble is, not only can going green take a lot of effort, the latest data from the British Business Bank shows the vast majority of smaller businesses in the UK don’t understand common environmental terms such as ‘net zero’, ‘carbon neutral’ and ‘carbon footprint’ or how they apply to their businesses.

Let’s cut through the jargon and give you some useful tips to help cut your carbon footprint and fight climate change from your office.

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Gamers probably spend more time online more than most people. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that they’re being targetted by scammers in a variety of cyber attacks.

One of the UK’s leading online security experts has warned that the Metaverse and bots are among new ways online criminals are targeting gamers, as new research reveals 71% of gamers have themselves been or know of someone who has been targeted by scammers online.

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Working from home is generally considered a great way to balance your work and home life, potentially increasing productivity and reducing stress levels – get it wrong though, and it can have the opposite effect and turn you into a stressed-out insomniac.

Could the negatives outweigh the positives when you work from home?

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It’s impossible to avoid talking about energy prices right now – the 54% increase in the energy price cap has got households across the country on the brink of a cost of living crisis (if not already embroiled in one).

But it’s not just households that are feeling the squeeze, these are worrying times for business owners across the country – we’re still recovering from the pandemic, Brexit could be biting for decades, and now we’re facing ridiculously high business energy bills.

Here’s what some business owners have to say about the impending energy bills crisis.

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We’ve all been living with some sort of pandemic-induced restrictions for the best part of two years now. One of the positives  to come out of it all (depending upon your situation and conditions) was how work from home culture was quickly adopted.

Many businesses now offer work from home – or at least hybrid working – as standard. But the guidance on whether we all need to work from home or get back to the office is about to change. Here’s all you need to know.

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We’re all well aware of the impact that Covid-19  has had on people’s physical health, but what effect has the pandemic had on people’s mental health? A new study has found that a quarter of adults have developed mental health issues over the last 18 months.

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The government has cut the length of time that people with Covid-19 have to spend in self-isolation from seven days to five days. The changes will take effect from Monday.

This means that if you or any of your employees get hit by Covid, you’ll not need to spend as long in self-isolation. Although the advice remains to work from home wherever possible.

We asked several business owners what they made of the the relaxed rules. Here’s what they had to say.

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