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Panic over the coronavirus pandemic seems to be subsiding a little (whether that’s a good or bad thing is another conversation entirely), but just as business owners are licking their wounds following the impact of lockdown, so the next potential threat to business appears on the horizon – Brexit.

Regardless of whether you voted ‘leave’ or ‘remain’ back in 2016, it’s hard to disagree that the whole thing has been handled pretty badly from day one – so much so that the UK is now in the position where it will be leaving the EU on December 31 this year (when the 12-month transition period ends) and we’re still none the wiser about what exactly is going to happen.

It seems no trade deals have been agreed and everyone is still arguing in Brussels.

So we thought it was about time we updated our Brexit jargon-buster – here goes…

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It’s been almost 18 months since we originally asked: Brexit – what’s next? Unfortunately, 18 months on, we’re still none the wiser.

Amazingly, the UK has actually left the EU – that happened on January 31, this year – and we’re now halfway through an 11-month transition period. But what does that mean? And what happens next?

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Rishi Sunak, the UK chancellor, has announced a series of measures to kickstart the economy by getting people back to work and back into shops and restaurants.

Here’s what he put forward in today’s announcement.

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We’ve all witnessed first hand how the coronavirus crisis has had a positive impact on the environment – forced lockdowns have meant less travel and cut in the amount of industrial energy being used, all of which has combined to cut pollution and greenhouse gasses.

If we continue to work from home once the pandemic becomes manageable and life returns to ‘normal’, will this help us to continue to help the environment?

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The coronavirus pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives, from day-to-day shopping and commuting, to annual holidays and business travel plans. But will the pandemic still be affecting travel and personal mobility 12 months or longer into the future?

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