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Launching a new business can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you’re starting up on your own, and you’ll be glad for all the help and advice you can get.

You never stop learning where the world of business is concerned – you’ll not only take on board the advice of those in your industry, you’ll learn from your own mistakes and from the mistakes of others.

But what if this advice isn’t as forthcoming as expected? You could try networking events and get to know other people in your sector or situation, or you could scour the industry press, the internet or even social media for guides to help you along the way.

Or you could check out any one of these five brilliant business podcasts, perfect for business owners entering 2023.

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Cybercrime has been on the rise since the pandemic. More of us have had to make online purchases, which means scammers have more opportunity to defraud us.

If you regularly make online payments, whether for goods or services, you’ll need to watch out for the latest technique fraudsters are using to get their hands on your money – push payment fraud.

Figures from UK Finance, the banking trade body, have revealed that £236 million was lost to push payment fraud, with banks unable to return nearly three-quarters (74%) of the lost money.

In the vast majority of cases (88%) it was individual consumers who were conned out of their money, with an average loss of £2,784. The remaining cases were made up of businesses, who lost an average of £24,335 each.

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Black Friday is very much part of the UK’s pre-Christmas calendar. This year’s event kicks off on November 25, with Cyber Monday a couple of days later on November 28.

But some retailers go early, so it’s worth checking what bargains are available now. If you fancy grabbing yourself a bargain, here are some of the best offers around for that essential work from home tech.

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The Covid pandemic changed may well have changed the workplace forever – particularly office-base workplaces. With physical contact off-limits, many employees pivoted to working from home. This continued once lockdown restrictions and precautions ended, with many businesses now offering hybrid working as the norm.

This has meant more meetings are being held virtually, particularly via conference call or video call – but could the metaverse be about to change the landscape once more? One HR specialist thinks so.

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Black Friday falls on Friday, November 25 this year. One of the USA’s most recent exports, it’s now unofficially the start of the Christmas shopping period.

Never ones to miss out on a marketing opportunity, most big retailers now offer deals right throughout November. There are some great bargains to be had – tech bargains in particular – but it’s also open season for online scammers. It seems that fake websites are a particular problem, with an estimated 18,000 being created every day.

Here’s how to make sure you steer clear of online scams this Black Friday and beyond.

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BNB and Ethereum chains are the most targeted by Web3 criminals, accounting for more than half of all losses. But what are BNB and Etherium? What’s a Web3 criminal? And should you be worried?

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Paying the ransom is still the most common response to a ransomware attack. Although progress has been made, organisations are still paying out. Here’s more on ransomware attacks following new research from Databarracks.

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Each day, businesses across the country handle countless transactions and obtain vast amounts of data. Unfortunately,  while processing and utilizing this data, the opportunity for human error is high. These…


Presentations can be tricky things to pull off, particularly conference call presentations where you can’t see your audience and adjust your delivery speed and pitch to match their reactions.

Not only that, there’s also no guarantee they’ll be looking at the slides you’ve sent across – you’d be surprised the things people get up to while on a teleconference.

So it’s important you make any presentations as engaging as possible, here’s how…

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Phone scams have been going for years but, as with all fraud, scammers are thinking up new ways to get people to part with their money. New research from Bionic, the business essentials experts, has revealed which areas of the UK were being targeted with phone scams most frequently over the last 13 months. 

Let’s take a look at what they found and what are currently the most popular types of phone scams.

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