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Accounting is one of the most arduous tasks a small business owner has to face – all you want to do is get on with the day-to-day running of things but each month you end up getting yourself lost in a mountain of receipts, bank statements, pay slips and credit notes.

The good news is, there is accounting software out there that can help, you just need to know exactly what it is you’re after to find the right software to suit your business needs.


2G and 3G mobile networks are going to be phased out by 2033 to help increase security and support the transition to networks with faster speeds.

The plans were announced by Nadine Dorries, the UK’s Digital Secretary, ahead of a trip to Washington DC and New York to discuss how the USA and the UK can co-operate on a transatlantic data policy.

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We’re running out of shopping days before Christmas. If you’re stuck for reasonably-price gift ideas for the gadget geek in your life, here are five of the best festive tech gifts for under £50…

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The pandemic has really messed with the nine-to-five. More people working from meant that priorities shifted during the day. Early risers could shun the commute and get straight to work on their laptops, night owls could work well past the 5pm cut off, and everyone could take some time back during other parts of the day.

But now we’re slowly starting to get back to ‘normal’ and being encouraged to get back to the office, does the commute now become part of your working day?

If you check your emails as soon as you wake up, the working day essentially kicks off before you’ve even stepped out of bed. But, if you regularly check your work emails before you clock on, whether at home or on the way to work, should this count towards your working day?

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Black Friday is very much part of the UK’s pre-Christmas calendar. This year’s event kicks off on November 26, with Cyber Monday a couple of days later on November 29.

But some retailers go early, so it’s worth checking what bargains are available now. If you fancy grabbing yourself a bargain, here are some of the best offers around for that essential work from home tech.

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Black Friday falls on Friday, November 26. One of the USA’s most recent exports, it’s now unofficially the start of the Christmas shopping period.

Never ones to miss out on a marketing opportunity, most big retailers now offer deals right throughout November. There are some great bargains to be had – tech bargains in particular – but it’s also open season for online scammers.

Here’s how to make sure you steer clear of online scams this Black Friday and beyond.

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Is your home under attack from hackers?

If you any wireless devices linked to the internet, such as computers, tablets, games consoles, and  smartphones, there’s every chance someone could hack your network and access your data. Even if you have smart devices such as printers and even kettles, you could be at risk of attack.

And you may be completely unaware until it’s too late.

The danger could be even more acute if you work from home and access sensitive or confidential business files via the wireless network.

So it’s vital to keep security tight – here’s how to secure your home network.

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Automation is a divisive subject – while automated technology should help make our lives easier and more comfortable, there’s a very real threat it will lead to millions of jobs.

But what jobs are most likely to suffer at the hands of automation? And how safe is your job?

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Video calling has become very popular in the last year or so – the technology and available broadband speeds have improved immeasurably in recent years and remote conferencing became the only way to keep in touch with clients and colleagues during lockdown.

Video calling isn’t without its flaws though – as anyone who has had connection issues will attest to (not to mention Microsoft’s insistence on moving everything around when it updates Teams). Sometimes, simply picking up the phone is the best option.

So, which is best – a conference call or a video call?

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Do you sometimes wake in the middle of the night and immediately reach for your smartphone? Or put down your knife and fork during meal times to check social media? Have you ever had arguments with those closest to you about how much time you spend on your device?

If so, you’ve probably got a smartphone addiction. And you’re far from alone.