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Our need to stay connected at all times means, telephones have never been more popular – 95% of UK households now own a mobile phone, compared with just 16% back in 1997, according to figures from Statista, a leading provider of market and consumer data.

But if most of us carry a mobile around with us and the analogue phone system is due to be switched off by 2025, where does that leave the good, old landline?

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It’s been three years since GDPR came in to force to help protect our data. And even though it’s an EU directive, it’s been kept on in the UK post-Brexit.

Our quick guide to GDPR for small businesses should tell you everything you need to know.

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Internet trolls are everywhere – just as some people turn into psychopaths the second they get behind the wheel of car, others lose all sense of perspective the second they get online.

This strange breed get a bang out of causing arguments or, even worse, causing others personal anguish, safe in the knowledge they’ll likely never be found, such is the level on anonymity you can have online.

It’s a phenomenon that isn’t a million miles from the world of disinformation, and the two can often go hand-in-hand if there’s a conspiracy or half-truth to spread. The last 12 months has given trolls a lot of ammunition.

If you or your business is being plagued by these online idiots, here’s how to handle internet trolls.

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There’s always been something a bit mysterious about cryptocurrency – maybe it’s down to a lack of understanding about how it works, or maybe it’s a lack of understanding about why it’s needed.

But has lockdown changed our perceptions? And is cryptocurrency now mainstream?

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