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A number of HMRC phone scams are doing the rounds, so be vigilant when responding to any emails, texts and phone calls claiming to be from the tax man. Have…


Formjacking is a type of cyber attack, whereby hackers insert a small piece of malicious code into the checkout pages of e-commerce sites, which then enables them to steal customers’ payment card information.

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There’s just one week to go until Christmas, that means seven shopping days left, including Christmas Eve – even fewer if you’re doing you plan to shop online, as you’ll have to factor in extra time to process and deliver your order.

If you’re shopping online, you’ll also have to factor in the added risk – although secure website and payment technology is always improving, hackers and fraudsters are always finding more devious ways to defraud people, and so online fraud is still a massive problem.

So, to help ensure you stay safe as you shop online this Christmas, Sainsbury’s Bank has produced this informative infographic…

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Could you manage a remote team? It’s one thing managing staff on site, but being in charge of a team you can’t physically catch up with requires a whole new skill set – not to mention a great deal of trust.

If you’re thinking of taking on remote workers, or encouraging existing staff to work from home, here’s how to effectively manage a remote workforce.

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