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There are occasions when conflict can be impossible to avoid. There are occasions when conflict isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There are ways in which conflict can be resolved, but it’s often best of you can avoid conflict completely, and certainly before it becomes toxic.

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Although it can sometimes seem impossible to avoid, no-one likes workplace conflict. Not only does it cause discomfort for everyone involved, and potentially to people who aren’t even directly involved, it can also lead to disciplinary measures and even job losses.

If your employees are becoming aggravated with you or other staff members, here are some ways to resolve workplace conflict.

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Ford has become the latest company to announce it will be closing one of its UK plants – in 2020, the car giant will be closing of its Bridgend plant after 40 years in service. This comes on the back of Honda’s decision to bail out of the UK, and countless other companies who are considering their position in the UK.

But are businesses really leaving the UK because of Brexit?

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