What’s the best conference call telephone?

We really do have  the UK’s simplest conference calling service – a landline or mobile phone is all you need to call up to 100 participants from across the globe. There are no contracts, no monthly fees and no reservations to worry about.

We pride ourselves not only on the quality and reliability of our service, but also on the quality of our audio and our customer service – but if you find your team huddled round a single smartphone turned onto loudspeaker, or even if they’re talking on an old landline handset, the quality of the call can suffer.

So, to help remedy this potential problem, here are our top three conference call telephones.

What are the best conference call telephones?

1. Polycom Soundstation 2

This next generation conference phone from Polycom is offers easy-to-use, high quality calling, with a 360° microphone that offers coverage for participants who are up to ten feet away from the console. This microphone also comes with an ‘intelligent mixing’ feature which automatically turns on the microphone nearest to the person who is speaking on the call.

Other features include:

  • Dynamic Noise Reduction – cut background noise from things like projectors or air conditioning units.
  • Backlit LCD screen – see all important phones call information, such as phone numbers, numbers called, call durations and Caller ID
  • Easy install – connects to standard analogue phone port
  • Output jacks – an RCA jack enables you to connect an audio recorder (though you can record and playback all calls, completely free of charge, with our conference call recording service), while a 2.5mm jack provides connection to other communication devices, such as a mobile phone, for hands-free conferencing.

At around £300, it’s the most expensive on the list, but is definitely worth the extra money.

2. Konftel 220

Retailing at around £200, the Konftel 220 is another cost-effecting analogue system that uses 360° omni-directional microphone which can allow up to 12 participants to comfortably take part from the same room. The phone also features seven seven different language options, and has the capacity to store up to five numbers in its speed dial service, to help you keep in touch with your most frequent contacts.

If you really want to save time when teleconferencing, get yourself a ConferenceCall.co.uk wallet card, which uses NFC technology to automatically dial into your conference call with just the tap of your smartphone.

3. Avaya Soundstation Premier 550D

The Soundstation Premier 550D combines high performance speakers with integrated video, voice, data and web capabilities to deliver a great value and highly capable conference call unit. And for maximum clarity, the integrated microphones will automatically switch to the one nearest the person speaking.

This easy-to-use handset retails for around £100, so even picking up a couple of handsets shouldn’t eat into your budget too much.


How to compare conference call telephones

Combining our conference calling service with a quality conference call telephone can really improve the quality of your teleconference, but before you buy you should check whether the unit has all the features you require, bearing in mind an analogue unit may not be suitable for video conferencing.

You also need to consider the size of the meeting room the phone will be used in, to make sure the microphone can reach every corner, and don’t overstretch your budget – while it’s always true that you get what you pay for, these budget units described above may well do the job of much more expensive units, so always do your research before you buy.


  1. Danny said:

    These is also good for conference phones but Yealink Conference is also good

    October 11, 2018

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