Free conference call numbers is the UK simplest teleconference provider – offering instant, 24/7 conference calling, with free reminders, free recording an no contract.

And now we’re offering free conference calls.

Here are all the free conference call numbers you need whether you’re dialing in the UK or around the world.

How do I get a free conference call number?

The simplest way to get a free conference call number is to enter your email address at  to generate your free PIN.

You can then set up a conference call in three simple steps:

  1. Set up your Conference Call – Choose a date and time of your conference call.
  2. Invite your Participants – Send all participants an invitation with your PIN, date, time and dial-in number(s).
  3. Start your Conference Call – At the agreed time, all participants dial in and enter your PIN to join your conference call.

What free conference call numbers are available?

When you enter your email address at, you can instantly set up a conference call from wherever you are, no matter what time of day or day of the week. And you’ll not need to sign a contract or make a reservation.

All call using our 033 3006 7775 are completely free of charge, with no caps on the length of time you can stay on the line before charges kick in (unlike some other, so-called ‘free conference call’ providers). And you can still connect up to 100 participants on the one conference call, all without charge.

If you’re phoning from a mobile, our 83000  shortcode number will help you avoid access charges when calling from a mobile.

Here are the numbers you need to know:

  • 0843 373 0843 – call this number from a UK landline to make a free conference call within the UK.
  • 83000 – call this short-code number from a mobile phone to make a UK conference call from a mobile or smartphone.
  • +44 843 373 0999 – is the number to dial if one or more UK participants are abroad and want to dial in using their mobile phone. This number can be reached from all parts of the world. Please note that (international) access charges apply. also has bespoke dial-in numbers for 72 countries – more than any other UK conference call provider – and most are charged at local call rates. Setting up an international conference call is as easy as organizing an local conference call – for more information, check out our blog on Conference call dial-in numbers or go to

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