Conference call dial-in numbers

If you do business with international clients there’s a good chance you’ll have to do much of your business over the phone as flying out to see them in person takes up far too much time and money.

So if you need to make an international conference call you’ll need a provider that offers this service – and has everything you’ll need to make a conference call within the UK or overseas.

UK conference calls

Landline conference call numbers

To make a conference call within the UK you can call the dial-in number 0843 373 0843  from landlines for 5.8p per minute + VAT (network charges may apply).

Each participant will pay a small fee per minute through their regular landline phone bill, and we strongly advise to use our shortcode below, to avoid access charges when calling from a mobile.

UK conference call participants abroad

If one or more UK participants are abroad and want to dial in using their mobile phone, they can call +44 843 373 0999 to get connected.

This number can be reached from all parts of the world. Please note that (international) access charges apply.

When organising an international  conference call, UK participants don’t need to dial the worldwide dial-in number. Instead, simply dial the UK dial-in number or the mobile shortcode when in the UK. Our system matches your participants automatically by your PIN.

International conference calls

Setting up an international conference call is just as easy as setting up a local call – below is a full list of international dial-in numbers, and there’s more information in our guide, How to invite participants to an international conference call.

Setting up an international conference call is as easy as an local conference call. You can invite participants from all countries. In many countries we offer local dial-in numbers. If a country isn’t listed, simply share the worldwide dial-in number.