How to slash conference call costs

It’s Friday 13th – a date that brings with it the fear of befalling some terrible bad luck and images of gruesome 80s horror films. We’re jumping on the slasher flick bandwagon this Friday 13th, with ways to help you slash your conference call costs.

Slash costs with a free conference call

The simplest way to slash your teleconference costs is to use the free conference call service offered by

Our conference call service is free to set up, meaning you don’t pay any costs for setting up the conference call. Each participant pays a small amount per minute via their landline, business line or mobile phone bill:

  • 0843 373 0843 (landlines and mobiles) – 5.8 pence per minute + VAT and your phone provider’s access charge
  • 83000 (mobiles) – 12.5 pence per minute + VAT. No further access charges apply! This short code does not work with SKY.

But what about your service provider charges?

The good news is that ’03’ numbers cost no more than a national rate call to an ’01’ or ’02’ number. This means they count towards any inclusive minutes on your landline or mobile deal, in the same way as ’01’ and ’02’ calls.

This isn’t offered by all providers, and some might use a dial-in number that doesn’t count towards any inclusive minutes you might have. Furthermore, some conference call providers also cap the length of your free call, which means they’ll start charging you for using their service after a certain amount of time.

At we’ll never cap your call times, so you can use our free call number to talk for as long as you like.

Slash costs with our international dial in numbers

To save money on international conference calls, dial in using our overseas dial-in numbers.

To set up a conference call, all participants need to use the dial-in number relevant to the country they’re calling from and enter the PIN code for your call. Below is a list of countries where we have dial-in numbers.

Any UK participant can simply dial the UK dial-in number 033 3006 7775. Our system matches your participants automatically by your PIN. When abroad, please dial +44 33 3006 7775.

For a breakdown of call costs to each of the countries we provide a dial in number for, check out our international conference call page.

If the country you need isn’t listed, our worldwide dial-in number is +44 843 373 0999, and international call rates apply.