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The government has announced a plan to get the UK out of lockdown by late June this year. Heralded as the ‘roadmap out of lockdown’, the four-step plan is set to begin on March 8 and will see restrictions gradually relaxed until a full return to ‘normal’ on June 21.

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A good home broadband connection has never been more important. With more of us than ever forced to work from home because of the pandemic, we all need a reliable and fast connection to ensure we can all work, rest and play.

It’s even been forecast that telecommuting could become the new normal for millions of us, at least for part of the working week. A fast connection is now vital to the way we live.

But could having a slow broadband connection knock thousands off the value of your house?

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If you work from home, you’ll appreciate the need for a fast and reliable broadband connection – especially as the days of enjoying buffer-free internet access via the business broadband connection at your office seem like a lifetime ago.

But even if your broadband is up to speed, are you overpaying for it? A new study from Compare Fibre, the broadband comparison site, suggests millions of households could be overpaying by as much as £30 a month. Is your household one of them?

Small business Technology Work from home

Small business Technology Work from home

The pandemic has changed the way many businesses operate, and more of us than ever now work from home. Although remote working has it’s benefits – no commute, more flexible hours – it also has one massive downside for thousands of of people. Working from home can get lonely.

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