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For as long as any of us can remember, working from home was seen as a perk – a way to miss the grind of the daily commute and get a better work/life balance.

But since many of us have been forced to work from home exclusively during the pandemic, there seems to have been a growing number of people complaining that they’re fed up of working for home and long for a return to the office.

Even the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, has weighed in and suggested workers might actually quit their jobs if they’re not allowed back to work. So, would you consider walking away from work if you were told that telecommuting was to become permanent?

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If everything goes as planned, we’re currently in the final months of lockdown and we’ll be back to normal sometime in June. But even if our everyday lives get back to normal, there’s a good chance that the pandemic will have permanently changed the way many of us work.

Working from home was booming across the UK even before lockdown – around 40% of new companies registered are believed to be run from home.

Anyone who’s had to suddenly work from home for long periods will confirm that it can be tricky staying motivated. And that’s before you consider the amount of distractions there are around the home.

If you’re a home worker suffering from a severe lack of self-discipline, here are some top tips to keep motivated.

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The government has announced a plan to get the UK out of lockdown by late June this year. Heralded as the ‘roadmap out of lockdown’, the four-step plan is set to begin on March 8 and will see restrictions gradually relaxed until a full return to ‘normal’ on June 21.

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