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Offering work from home benefits is a great way to both attract and retain the best talent.

If this is something your business offers, or is thinking of offering, you need to have clear work-from-home guidelines in place to protect both your business and its employees.

Here’s how to draft a work from home policy.

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Guides & How-Tos Work from home

Cutting out the daily commute is a great way to reduce your monthly costs, lower your carbon footprint improve your work/life balance and even your overall health, as you’re not exposed to traffic fumes – it’s amazing the positive impact avoiding the morning traffic can have.

But new research has found that everyday household items, including toasters,  could actually be exposing you to more pollution than being out on the busy morning roads.

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It looks like we’ve survived the worst of the winter weather, and springtime is well an truly on the way – which means its time to freshen things up with a bit of spring cleaning, including your home office.

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Global warming could be a more pressing problem than initially thought. A long-term forecasts from the Met Office have revealed that temperatures could temporarily reach 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels for the first time between now and 2023 – levels we weren’t expected to reach until between 2030 and 2052.

It’s a problem we all need to tackle, and here’s how conference calling can help fight climate.

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