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After four years of posturing and pontificating, the  UK and the EU have agreed a trade deal that will come into effect from Friday, January 1, 2020.

But what exactly is in the deal? And what restrictions will now be placed upon trade and travel? Our Brexit deal checklist has some – if not all – of the answers.

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Days after the UK and the EU finally agreed a trade deal, it’s been successfully voted through Parliament by 521 to 73. 

This means that the deal – known as the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement – will now head to the House of Lords and needs to become law before the post-Brexit transition ends at midnight on Thursday, December 31, 2021.

But what exactly does the deal mean? 

Brexit News

The UK leaves the EU in little over a week, and there are still no trade deals on place with the EU. And given that their are lorries parked up in their hundreds in Kent, with ports shut due to the UK’s coronavirus variant, it appears that so-called Project Fear is playing out just as many feared it would.

If you run a business, there is very little advice on what happens next, let alone what you should do to prepare.

Although the impact Brexit will have on your business depends upon a wide range of variables – not least whether or not you trade directly with other EU countries – it will hit businesses of all sizes, in all sectors.

To help you prepare, here’s a quick guide to running a Brexit assessment on your business.


It’s been more than four years since the referendum result and a full year since Boris Johnson rode to election victory on the promise of an ‘oven-ready deal’, but with two weeks left until the UK leaves the EU, there’s still no deal in  sight.

If Brexit is confusing you, our A-Z jargon-buster might help.


It’s something we all knew could happen and probably would happen, but it’s staggering to think that the UK is actually leaving the EU in a matter of weeks and there’s still no clarity on what’s actually going to happen when the transition period ends on January 1st.

One UK business magnate recommends that investors should carefully watch how things unfold – and not concentrate on the endgame – before making any moves in the market.

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