Top 5 best-paid work from home jobs

The UK is home to some 4.2 million home workers – a 30% rise on the number who were working from home at the turn of the millennium – and the reasons why it’s taken off so much over the past decade are wide and varied.

The economic downturn has played a part – some people have had no option but to go it alone after being made redundant – as have rapid advances in technology and a more relaxed attitude to remote working.

Whatever the reason, working from home is on the up – so if you’re thinking of ditching the nine-to-five, you might want to consider a career in one of these five best-paid work from home jobs…

Voice over

Although voice over artists have traditionally traveled to studios to record scripts for broadcast on all manner of things, from adverts to how-to guides to radio stings, advances in home-recording equipment means there is now a lot more scope to work from your house and send files electronically.

Potential earnings: £70 per hour

Infographic design

Not so long ago, infographics were the darling of the SEO world – simple, informative and eminently sharable. Then Google got involved, said they were worthless for SEO and a whole industry almost collapsed.

Almost. There’s still an appetite for infographics and companies still pay big bucks.

Potential earnings: £45 per hour

Finance writing

This discipline can cover anything from financial blog posts to market commentary, annual reports, company analysis or book writing.

Either way, if you know about finance, there’s some serious earning potential to be tapped into.

Potential earnings: £38 per hour

Contract drafting

Not one for the faint-hearted – there’s no room for error when incorporating a legally sound business deal into a contract – but if you have an eye for detail and in-depth knowledge of a particular industry, it’s definitely worth considering.

Potential earnings: £34.55 per hour


Doing HR from home doesn’t sound like something that would take off, but you’d be surprised at the number of businesses who now outsource the task of identifying, selecting and even hiring new staff, out to freelancers.

Potential earnings: £33 per hour

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