Blackberry is back! So is the Blackberry Priv a game changer?

It’s been a while since we’ve written anything about Blackberry  – it’s been a while since anyone has written anything about Blackberry, to be honest  – but the mobile brand that launched a billion business calls is back.

And it’s back with a pretty impressive looking smartphone – its first offering to run on the Android operating system.

So, was it worth the wait?

New business for Blackberry?

Blackberry’s last sojourn into the smartphone market was the ultimately ill-fated Z10 – a decent enough smartphone but one that struggled to attract customers to its own BB10 operating system.

And so for the new Priv handest, Blackberry has taken the unprecedented step of putting it on the Android operating system and has designed it to offer users improved security over other Anrdoid handsets – the Priv is short for both Privacy and Privilege, apparently.

On top of all that, it brings the famous QWERTY keyboard to the smartphone world.

It also comes with a pretty hefty SIM-only retail price of £569, which puts it right at the top end of the smartphone market, or you can pay £19 up front and then £54 a month on contract from Carphone Warehouse.

So, is it any good? Check out this review…

Are you tempted by a Blackberry Priv? Or do you think it’s too little, too late for Blackberry? Let us know…


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