How to make your business more energy efficient

Today is Earth Day – a  global awareness day designed to make us all think about what we can do to be more energy efficient and eco-friendly. Here’s how to exactly that at your business premises…

What is Earth Day?

An awareness day that was kicked off way back in 1970 and marked the creation of the modern environmental movement. ‘Restore our Earth’ is the theme of this year’s Earth Day, as it aims to kick-start the conversation around emerging green technologies and innovations.

Whatever the nature of your business, reducing your energy usage will minimise your bills, increase your profits and benefit the environment.

Incredibly, one small action that takes only a second could cut your heating bills by as much as ten percent.

7 ways to make your business more energy efficient

We’ve included this in our list of tips to help you start saving immediately:

1. Set your heating to reflect weather conditions and occupancy

A surprising number of businesses are paying to heat empty rooms in their premises or unoccupied buildings at night. And how many times have you found yourself opening a window because a heated room is too hot? To save energy, make sure thermostats are working and adjusted to the weather conditions.

2. Switch appliances off

Many people don’t realise that even leaving appliances on standby means they are still using electricity. If it doesn’t need to be left on, switch it off!

3. Set hot water to 60°C

This is the optimum temperature for hot water. Any hotter could be dangerous as well as waste energy.

4. Turn off lights when not in use or fit light sensors

An easy way to save energy is to switch lights off when you leave a room. Fitting light sensors or timers in low-traffic areas like storerooms and toilets is another way to ensure lights aren’t left on unnecessarily.

5. Draught-proof your premises

Draught-proofing doors and windows is another cheap but extremely effective way to cut energy bills.

6. Request an energy audit

Many energy suppliers offer energy audits to help your business identify where you can save energy. Contact your supplier to find out more.

7. Encourage all staff to be energy aware

The Carbon Trust found that although 92 percent of employees think about saving energy at home, only 47 percent do the same at work. Engaging employees in energy saving initiatives in the workplace is crucial to making them a success. Incentives and rewards, even just some words of encouragement, can go a long way.

Bonus tip! Use a conference call to cut your carbon footprint

Letting staff work remotely means less commuter traffic. And meetings can be held via conference call instead of in person. Easy!