How to stop the office Christmas party from ruining your life

Tonight is the night – the penultimate Friday before Christmas. A night when office workers the nation over get lubricated enough to make the most inappropriate of passes at co-workers, or finally pluck up the courage to have that pay-rise showdown with the boss – a quick word to the wise, neither will end well at the best of times, even less-so in a drink-fuelled atmosphere of the office party.

So, if you think you’re in danger of committing any such vocational faux-pas, here’s how to stop the office Christmas party from ruining your life.

Turn up

A simple one to begin with – even if socialising with your work colleagues is the absolute last thing you want to do, try t at least show your face at the Christmas party (there must be at least one like-minded co-worker you could talk to for the duration). The office Christmas party is a good way to get to know the people you work with, and even just showing the willingness to pop in for an hour could go a long way (and you might even find you quite like your fellow employees).

Drink responsibly

A big one this – drinking too much has been the downfall of many an office worker (especially the sort who feel the need to abuse the photocopier), but limiting your intake of alcohol is highly recommended at the office Christmas party. That’s not to say you shouldn’t have a few drinks, if that’s your thing, just reign it in if you feel you’re losing control. This restraint becomes more difficult, the more you drink (especially if it’s a free bar), but remember –  no matter how well you think you handle alcohol, the simple truth is when intoxicated you are entirely more likely to behave in ways you’ll later regret.

Don’t be ungrateful

There are many things to be annoyed at the boss for, but throwing a Christmas party certainly isn’t one of them. Even if you’re unhappy with the choice of venue, lack of free drinks (could be a blessing, see above), catering or whatever, try to bite your tongue, keep your thoughts to yourself (at least until some sober feedback is requested) and try to be grateful you’re having a party at all.

Just be nice

Being nice is for life, not just the Christmas party, so try to avoid arguments and rubbing people up the wrong way, especially when bosses and alcohol are involved. If you have a problem with someone, try to save your complaint until the next working day – unless it involves particularly inappropriate behaviour, and maybe the photocopier.

What not to do at your office Christmas party

How to survive the office Christmas party (infographic)

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