Is Facebook horizon the future of social?

A two-day event took place at Oculus Connect 6 from Facebook on September 26and 27, where the social media giant presented the new functions and applications of its Virtual Reality division – including Facebook Horizon. Here’s a quick glimpse of what the future might hold.

What is Facebook Horizon?

Facebook Horizon is a virtual reality sandbox universe that enables you to build your own environments and games, where you can meet up and play with friends or explore other user-generated landscapes. Facebook has been trying to evolve its platform for some time – the Facebook Local event app published last year or the Facebook Workplace business network. With Facebook Horizon, a crossover project of parent company and subsidiary company was introduced. Facebook Horizon offers a VR game world in which users can create their own avatars as well as public and private worlds. In these you can get together and pass the time with talks or games. An important topic in the VR network should be protection against cyberbullying. In addition, there are guides in the game world, the so-called Horizon Locals, who help users with problems and questions. Horizon is expected to be available in beta at the beginning of next year. It looks like virtual reality gaming and socialising are definitely on the horizon.

How can businesses benefit from Facebook Horizon?

Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest

The network Horizon can be entered via one of the two VR glasses of the Facebook subsidiary Oculus VR . Oculus Rift is the well-known headset that hit the headlines with its first version in 2013 and took the VR market to a new level overnight. One year later, Facebook took over the technology company. Oculus VR currently offers two devices: the Oculus Rift S and the Oculus Quest. The Oculus Rift S is the successor to the Oculus Rift and requires a PC to use. It has to be highly efficient and, together with the high price of VR glasses, remains the biggest obstacle to establishing itself in the mainstream gaming market. The Oculus Quest, on the other hand, is an all-in-one gaming headset. All you need is a smartphone to set up your device. Operation in the virtual world has so far taken place on both glasses with the help of controllers. The Oculus Quest will soon support the full tracking of the hands, which should make the handling even more immersive in the future.

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