AOL CEO justifies conference call firing

Remember when we told you that AOL CEO, Tim Armstrong, fired an employee during a conference call to over 1,000 other AOL staff? Well a CNN reporter quizzed him on whether he feels the decision was justified – and he said that it was!

If you need bringing up to speed, the top man at AOL scheduled a conference call to boost staff morale on the future of the company – and then promptly sacked a member of staff for filming him on his phone while he was conducting the call.

Tough decisions

In reality, 500 jobs hung in the balance (which make me think of David Brent’s reassuring words that Slough won’t be merging with Swindon branch in The Office) and although Armstrong admits that he would have done it differently given the chance, the firing of that employee was completely justified.

And watching the interview below, he admits he has to make tough decisions and you can see his point; he comes across pretty well to be honest (the bit about firing the employee comes in a 2.38)

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