The 5 highest paying work from jobs of 2016

The UK is home to 4.2 million home workers, and freelancers are now the fastest growing group in the UK labour market.

It seems a combination of the economic downturn and a change in work patterns is pushing more and more of us to take matters into our own hands.

If you’re thinking of going it alone, make sure you never miss a meeting by staying in touch via conference call –  and check out these five highest paying freelance jobs in the UK.

Voiceover artist

‘How to’ videos and online guides are big business these days, and adverts have always been big business – the one thing they all have in common is they need a good voiceover artist to get the message across.

So if you’ve got a silver tongue or a velvety voice you can read scripts from a home studio and send files electronically, though some employers may want to get you in their own studio.

Hourly rate – £68

Infographic designer

Data is the new currency in business now – as we’ve all become more and more accustomed to offering up all sorts of information online, so companies have more data at their disposal than ever before.

There’s no point having a load of raw data and not knowing what to do with it though – and that’s where infographic designers come in and help present complex information in an easy-to-read and shareable way.

Hourly rate – £45

Financial writer

If you’ve got some financial know-how, you can use it to seriously add to your bank balance.

As a financial writer you’ll do everything from compiling analysis and market commentary for industry publications, to penning blog, scripting videos and even writing up annual reports.

Hourly rate – £38

Contract drafting

The world of business never stops, meaning deals are being done and contracts are being signed 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week – and as a contract drafter you’ll be in charge of penning contracts behind these deals.

It’s a highly-skilled role that requires an in-depth knowledge of the industry you’re working to make sure the deal is sound and the contract is watertight.

Hourly rate – £35


Although more and more are turning to freelancing, many businesses still prefer to have their own staff in place, but hiring can be a real chore – and so they may outsource the job of recruitment to someone external.

If you’re a freelance recruiter you’ll take over the whole process of attracting, selecting and appointing the best candidates for vacant positions.

Hourly rate – £32

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