How to ensure a fuss-free conference call

A conference call is a great way to hold a meeting when not everyone can be in the same place at once – something pretty much all of us have had to get used to as 2020 unfolded.

But calls don’t always go without a hitch, and if you don’t properly prepare for the call in advance, it can soon descend into a series of awkward silences and participants talking over one another.

So, to help make sure each conference call you hold is completely fuss-free, follow our simple, step-by-step guide.

How to make sure your conference call is completely fuss-free

Use the following as a check list to make sure your call goes exactly as planned, and not a single minute is wasted:

Before the call

✅ Send conference call links and the agenda with the calendar invite. Avoid the time-wasting mad scramble of attendees finding the right dial-in information or needed notes – provides a handy email template you can send to all participants.

✅  Ask for mobile phone numbers at the time the meeting is booked. Just in case you need to communicate offline during the meeting due to a tech issue.

✅ Have a back-up conference line ready to go just in case.

✅ Prepare for the “accordion meeting.” Just as accordions expand and retract, so must your agenda when technical glitches or other delays occur. Since your goal is always to get a next step with date and time at the end of the meeting, make sure to flex the discussion to leave time to lock in a next meeting. If requesting a full meeting is not an appropriate next step, you can always ask for a 10-minute check in call instead.

At the start of the call

✅ Start with impacting icebreaker questions instead of misusing time discussing the weather. Here are a few ice breaker questions we  can recommend which launch more meaningful conversations while you’re waiting for others to join the call or resolve tech issues:

  • Is there anything memorable or meaningful that has happened to you recently?
  • What challenges are you facing professionally?
  • What is something you learned recently that is worth sharing?
  • What are you hoping to accomplish in your job this year?
  • If income was not an issue, what would you spend your time doing?
  • What are the most significant characteristics of your best bosses?
  • Do you get to do something at work that you love? If so, what?

As the call concludes

When the call is about to finish, repeat any takeaways and actions to the group, and send out a follow up email, preferably of the minutes, but at least containing everyone’s actions. And remember, with, you can record the entire call by simply pressing #9 during the call.

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