Obama missing from congress conference call

Sorting out the situation in Syria is among the main one priorities for a many of the world’s leaders at the minute and last week saw a high-level conference call between the White House and key congress members.

On the line to discuss the devastating situation in the Middle East were top decision makers such as Secretary of State, John Kerry, Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, Defence Secretary, Chuck Hagel and vice chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, Sandy Winnefeld.

However, there was one glaring absentee from the call – President Obama.

So where was the world’s most powerful politician? On a direct line to 10 Downing Street? Conversing with the Syrian embassy? Not quite…

Obama mixing with the Magic

He was actually entertaining former NBA star, Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson.

CNN’s Jim Acosta witnessed the former LA Lakers player arrive at the West Wing at around 4pm, a sighting which was confirmed by Johnson himself via Twitter and Facebook updates.

Johnson left the White House around six hours later after a productive meeting on job creation with the President.

Which begs the question, why on earth was the President of the United States putting a meeting with a ex-basketball pro ahead of a conference call to discuss one of the worst situations currently facing the world’s politicians? And one that could include going to war in the Middle East once more?

Answers on a postcard….