Month: July 2017

Finland is a highly industrialised nation, with an economy driven largely by exports, particularly of high tech goods and services, and forest industry machinery and products.

This heavy reliance on exports – the export market accounts for 50% of Finland’s GDP – coupled with the country going through something of an economic downturn in recent years, mean it’s not the best place to import to.

Even so, in 2014, exports of goods and services from the UK to Finland totalled £2.6 billion – so if exporting to Finland is on your to-do list, here’s everything you need to know…

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You can do big things with a small team – as someone who has worked as part of a small team in every job I’ve ever done, and worked with some amazing people on some amazing projects, I confirm this to be true.

If you’re thinking of expanding you’re team, think carefully before you do and check out these 6 advantages of running a small team…

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If you’ve ever started up your own business, you’ll appreciate that one of the toughest decisions you have to make is what to call your new venture. A business name has to work in a number of ways – it has to be something that reflects your brand identity, says something about what you offer, and sets your business apart from the competition.

And getting this just right isn’t easy, especially when you consider there are 5.4 million SMEs currently trading in the UK, so the chances are that someone in your industry has already thought of the name you had in mind.

Vistaprint, the personalised business cards manufacturer, recently conducted a survey to see what makes a memorable business name – here’s what it found…

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Estonia is the smallest and most northerly of the Baltic states and is a great place to do business and has moved up to be ranked at 17th place in the World Bank’s imaginatively titled Ease of Business index.

And there are many benefits for UK businesses looking to set up links with Estonia such as the low cost direct flights between the UK and Tallinn and the fact that the country is an open economy with a very westernised business culture – including the fact that English is widely spoken.

So, if you’re looking to take your business to the Baltic states, here’s everything you need to know about exporting to Estonia…

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If you’ve ever been stuck in rush hour traffic, or been packed-in on public transport, you’ll know all too well how frustrating the daily commute can be.

If you travel long distance for your job, maybe for better pay or a better housing, the amount of time the commute adds on to your day can leave you wondering whether it’s worth the hassle.

And the bad news is, it looks like commuting times are on the rise.

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