Are UK small businesses better IN or OUT of the EU?

Updated Monday, June 27, 2016

Thursday’s historic referendum vote went in favour of the ‘Leave’ campaign, and so now the UK faces the prospect of a future outside of the European Union (EU) – and it’s a future that’s looking increasingly uncertain by the day.

So will small businesses be better in or out of the EU?

A crooked Brexit campaign

There have many dubious claims from both sides of the argument, as well as countless debates and opinion pieces on the matter – not to mention the fleet of think tanks predicting everything from a booming economy to a broken one should the UK decide to overthrow the status quo.

Since the results came in it’s emerged the ‘Leave’ campaign was built, at least in part, on half-truths if not outright lies, not least the promise to spend £350 million-a-week on the NHS – as Brexiter Iain Duncan Smith so duplicitously put it: “Our promises were a series of possibilities”.

Now we’re left with the country in a complete state of flux – the pound has dropped to a 30-year low, massive companies including Airbus, HSBC and JP Morgan are considering moving out of the UK and civil war is breaking out in the two major political parties.

And still no-one know what Brexit will bring.

So we want to hear from YOU – will UK business better off in or out of the EU?

What’s best for business?

And while the leave campaigners are hung up on securing the borders and returning to some sort of perceived 1950s-style, ‘British-is-best’ Utopia, the remain camp are warning of the impact on the economy and the effects on business.

So we want to know your thoughts, whether you’re a business owner looking to leave, or looking to stay.

If you own a business and want OUT, how do you think this will benefit your business, and what effects do you think it’ll have on business in general?

If you want IN, why do you think your business will be better off if things remain the same, and what has the EU done for you?

Let us know in the comments below…

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