Beat coronavirus travel bans with an international conference call

A growing number of countries are on lock down because of the coronavirus outbreak, imposing measures, health screening, border closures and travel restrictions, most notably the United States policy of banning any flights to and from EU countries.

And the UK Foreign Office is now advising against all but essential travel to an increasing number of countries because of coronavirus, which could be really bad for business if you have interests in other countries.

Here’s how a simple international conference call could help your business beat the travel ban.

How to beat coronavirus travel bans with an international conference call

If you’ve any overseas business interests overseas, any current and impending travel bans could be problematic if it means you can’t schedule meetings as normal.

But there’s nothing to stop you setting up an international conference call to hold a remote meeting with clients, colleagues and stakeholders across the globe. allows you to set up a conference call with up to 100 participants from anywhere in the world that there’s a mobile phone signal or landline connection. And with dial-in numbers for 72 countries, we’ve more than any other conference calling provider in the UK.

Download all our international dial-in numbers as PDF here.

Here’s how to beat the travel ban and set up an international conference call.

How to set up an international conference call

Set up an international conference call in four simple steps:

Step 1 – Go to and click on the tab in navigation bar that says “Invite participants”


Step 2 – Click on the drop down menu and go to ‘Invitation for International participants’ as shown below:


Step 3 – This will generate an email template in which you need to enter the time, date and subject of your conference call then click the button marked ‘Generate PIN’ – that is the code needed for each participant to join the conference.

Step 4 – Finally, copy the message using the button marked “Copy this invitation” and paste it into an email and send a copy to everyone you want involved in the conference call.

You’ll also see a list of international dial-in numbers, simply pick the ones from the relevant countries and delete the rest. If the country a client needs to dial in from is not there, use the the worldwide dial-in number: +12136039096.

Beat the UK travel restrictions with a conference call

Travel restrictions can even be a problem for business owners who operate solely in the UK, as the prevailing advice is to now avoid all but essential travel across the country. And we could all soon be forced to work from home, which could cause even more issues.

To keep in touch with clients and colleagues anywhere in the UK with, simply follow the steps above but choose ‘Invitation for UK participants’ in step two.